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Unplanned pregnancy - Support & Resources

If you've missed your period, your period's late, or you think you might be pregnant, there are a number of options to consider.

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I think I might be pregnant, what should I do?

Many people think they might be pregnant because their period is late, or they've missed their period. While this is one possibility, there are other things that can cause someone's period to be late. If you think you might be pregnant, the first thing you need to do is to get a pregnancy test, to find out whether or not this is actually true.

I just found out Iโ€™m pregnant, who can I talk to?

If you do find out you're pregnant, make an appointment as soon as you can with your GP or a local sexual health centre to discuss your plans. 1800 My Options can help you find a service in your area. There are people you can talk to who will help you understand your options, including understanding the changes that you might be experiencing in your body. If you have a trusted family member or friend, it might be good to talk to them as it's helpful to have a support person.

What are my options?

If you have found out that you are pregnant, there are generally three options.

  • Continue with the pregnancy and keep the baby
  • Continue with the pregnancy and choose adoption for the baby
  • Have an abortion (end the pregnancy)

For some people, this is an easy decision, but for others, it is very difficult. It is normal to have complex feelings and there is support available if you need it; from friends and family, from your doctor, or from a special counselling service like 1800 My Options . Remember, no one can make this choice for you. It is your decision and you have the final say on what is best for you.

๐Ÿ’ก Did you know?

Abortion is legal in all states and territories of Australia. If a health professional does not support your decision, they are required, by law, to refer you to another health professional who can support you through the abortion process.

You can read more about abortion in Australia [here] .


For professional advice, speak with your doctor who can also provide information on who you can contact in your local area.

For more information on options if you have an unplanned pregnancy, you can talk to your doctor, or seek an appropriate health professional and clinical service that is near to you, on 1800 My Options .

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