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Types of contraception

In Australia, a range of options for contraception are readily available, including condoms and 'the Pill’.

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Latex condoms are the only contraceptive method which works both as contraception and for STI prevention.


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Types of contraception

There are four different forms of contraception, or ways to prevent pregnancy that are mostly used before or during penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse. You can click on each of these to read more.

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception refers to contraception that can be used after penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy, compared to most other contraceptive methods which are used before or during sex. The two main types of emergency contraception are:

In summary

Some people choose more than one method of contraception to make it more effective, for example using a condom along with the pill. As contraception, only condoms are also useful for STI prevention. No other contraceptive method will prevent STIs at all.

Remember: If you want to combine methods, access hormonal contraception or copper IUDs, or just to find out in more detail about the use and effectiveness of various forms of contraception, it is best to discuss further with your doctor, or a family planning or sexual health professional.

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