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😥 I haven't had sex yet but all my friends have. What's wrong with me?

    First of all, are you sure? Research shows that other people actually have a lot less sex than other people think they do. Everyone thinks that everyone else is doing it, but they actually aren't.

    But anyway, it does suck to feel like you are missing out on something. There are lots of reasons why people haven't had sex; they don't want to, they aren't ready, or they just haven't found the right person to do it with. If you are in the first two categories; there is nothing wrong with you, having sex doesn't make you a different, better person.

    If you really do want to have sex but can't find someone to do it with, there is no quick trick to find someone. Try focusing on building connections, friendships, and relationships with people (not just those you want to have sex with!). This will widen your social circle and allow you to practice skills of communication and intimacy that will help you when the right person comes along.

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